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Build Your Own Brand

Welcome to the Build Your Own Brand Podcast where you get Business advice from experts at the top of their game. 

Mar 4, 2019

In this episode of the Build Your Own Brand podcast, why you should care about Cybersecurity. After all, Cyber security is something that many business owners and consumers place on the back burner. It isn't until something bad happens that they start thinking about a plan to address this.

In my mind, business is largely about managing risk. When your a begining business owner, you have the risk of not having enough clients, or not having enough funds. As your business matures, you run other different risk, like managing employees, or taking on debt. A successful business understands risk, and manages it to minimize loss and maximize profit. Cyber security is one such risk, and a growing danger to many business owners.

Richard Avery from Austin, TX based Titanium Computing joins Steve for an information packed episode all about Cyber Security and what businesses and organizations can do to protect themselves!

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